The Czar Pictures film production company was established in Spring 2003. During the years of its active work, it has acquired a wide experience in the film production of international level with the following promotion to the western market.

General Producer  – Alexander Izotov, film producer, director, scriptwriter and investment expert in the international film business, well-known event marketing professional.

Main activity profile:  attracting investments to the independent Hollywood films starring “A category” actors and actresses, producing and production of international films.

Priority: integration of the Russian investors, producers, and actors into the global film business through active systemic participation in the international film projects to promote a positive image of Russia and Russian citizens in the eyes of the global viewers.



  • Cooperation with the leading Hollywood actors and directors.
  • Well-established partnerships with the major Hollywood production and distribution companies

The indispensable conditions for film production include:

  • advanced filmmaking technologies
  • a professional film crew
  • participation of the famous Russian and Hollywood actors